Taking Steps: A Week Out

It’s true, I haven’t blogged for a week.  Life found it’s way into my schedule.  I’d call that a good thing.

IMG_5598Gigs are starting to line up, which is great. It’s most likely going to be a great help, since I was called to jury duty next month.  Not looking forward to serving.  However, these gigs will provide a good cushion for those days where I will be forced to take off.

One of the last gigs I did had me reconnect with an old friend.  After going through a lot of turmoil in her life, things are finally settling in her favor.  I pray for her occasionally, when she comes to mind.  It’s good to see that despite those many years of craziness in her life, things did turn out better in the end.

IMG_5604Yes, that’s me with grumpy cat. And yes, grumpy cat is actually that tiny.  On my way home from work a couple nights ago, I saw a small gathering out on the streets of Times Sq.  Lo and behold, there was grumpy cat with it’s owner.  Although grumpy cat had it’s normal scowl, it was interested in seeing how curious how this cat was taking in the lights, sounds, and folks in Times Square.

The owner and the cat’s publicist (yes, this cat actually does have a publicist), were in town for a cat awards ceremony.  Hey, if dogs can inherit trust funds, I don’t see why a cat can’t have a publicist.

IMG_5612This past Saturday I went hiking at Bear Mountain, which was the perfect time to do so, since the leaves were just turning and the weather was stunning.  The hike was relatively 8 miles, some in pretty rocky terrain, that required some climbing over boulders.

At one point we actually got lost, but thankfully, since it was a pretty popular spot, there were others around where we were able to ask directions and truthfully, by the end of it, my feet were pretty wrecked.  My arches hurt like nobody’s business and I was looking forward to a nice epsom salt bath.

IMG_5619So it was actually pretty crazy for me to do what I did today.  Even though the day before, I was up on Bear Mountain, hiking 8 miles on pretty rough terrain, I was already signed up to do the Breast Cancer 5 mile walk for a cure through Central Park.  I jogged through some of it, speed walked through most of it, and finished a little over an hour.  The course started around 71 street, on the east side, running north towards the end of the park, back to 71 street again.  My feet protested after the walk was done, since I planned on making it to Sunday service, but just as I got there, they’d finished.  I walked for both my co-worker Nat, who was just recently diagnosed cancer-free after going through her bout, and for my friend Joelle, who is right now in the hospital, waiting to find out if her doctors will authorize her to have chemo.  She’s still in my prayers daily.

Although, this has been only a short list of my week, the one lesson I know that consistently echos in all that I’ve been doing is that I’m capable of doing far more than I realize and that one needs pay attention to life around them, because that’s when life actually happens.